Remember Hawaii way back when?

Before Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton.

Remember the old International Marketplace... the Kodak Hula Show. The Waikiki Strip in the 70’s?

What happened to that place?
Where did the Aloha go? Where did all that style go? The great little hole-in-the-wall bars, hotels and hangouts? Local kids mixing with the visitors on the beach?

Guess what? They are gone. But we can bring them back. That is what DO THE HULA is all about. Bringing back the Hawaii that used to be,what it is supposed to be, but with a hip, modern twist. Not just another bamboo barn or tiki bar, but definitely a place where you can relax, have fun, forget the stress, where you can DO THE HULA.
Do the Hula merchandise consists of screenprinted and embroidered t-shirts, fashion tops, and accessories for men, juniors, and kids. All feature our characters “PJ”, “Chris” and “The Mahalo Bros.”. These guys like to DO THE HULA. In development is a whole range of Do The Hula brand products from beach towels, bags, and postcards to stickers, keychains, and an exclusive alohawear collection. Also in the mix are Vintage Aloha shirts and fashion, gift items, and some collectibles. Please email us for info about where to buy DO THE HULA products. Please check out our products page to buy online.
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